University of Michigan Oral Pathology Database

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As a dental student at the University of Michigan, my first project in oral pathology was developing a database that was intended as a first step towards an intranet wiki of oral pathology entities. In large part, it was thanks to a then-recently retired oral surgeon, Dr. Jack Gobetti, who donated his 35,000 Kodachrome slides to the University. Under the direction of my oral pathology instructor, Dr. Theodora Danciu, and alongside my other colleagues, Dr. Clayton Fisher (then a resident in oral pathology at the University of Michigan), Dr. Renee Ismail (then a dental student), Dr. Matthew Van Beek (then also a dental student), Dr. Erika Benavides (professor of radiology at the University), and Vidya Ramaswamy (educational specialist), we created a searchable database that contained static clinical and histological images. We also integrated the development of this tool with the pre-graduate dental curriculum by having dental students choose an entity from the list of entities in the database and write an evidence-based summary of the entity for the database.